About Me

I was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1971 and spent much of my life on the East Coast. In 2007, at age 36, my family and I moved to California. With two cars my husband and I moved two dogs, two guinea pigs, a cornsnake and our 10-year old daughter across the country. I count the five day road trip, including a near escape by both dogs on Day 3, as one of my best experiences to date.

In 2009, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Millersville University, I realized my childhood dream to become a writer. One van full of bored kids, one long day of travel, and Fiona Thorn was born. I’ve been writing ever since.

When not taxiing my teenage daughter hither and yon, I love reading (especially fantasy by George R. R. Martin), cooking (anything with pasta is a hit), and writing (magical worlds with obstinate teen girls is always a favorite).